Thursday, March 14, 2013

chapter 9

I walk from the field back to my apartment that i used to share with Sean. i throw his stuff out the window but he enters the room. "What are you doing? I just denied being creator. The only reason i did that was because i have to protect my hometown from C.C. You should protect the rest of the world from Aidan and that king dude."
"Sorry, I didn't know."
"I have to leave right now, i probably wont see you for a while but, here's a present."
He hands me a present about ans big as a laptop and closes the door behind him. I continue to throw his stuff out, but only because he needs to get it. I guess i live alone. At least Paris doesn't have to leave. Beep! Beep!


Um, hey C.C. I need your help. I have to tell Han some things but how? First things first, he doesn't know that i work for king Arcane, and second,  he doesn't know that Aidan is stalking him. What am i supposed to do? He'll kill me if i told him! My job is to kill him, i can't kill my best of best friend's. He's the one that made me popular. He risked his popularness for me to be popular. He's the only reason i have friends! I can't kill him! Oh, by the way, if you tell king Arcane, I will hunt you down and kill you.


Looks like you sent it to the wrong person Paris. It's time to have a little chat with someone.