Tuesday, March 12, 2013

chapter 4

The door of the building breaks down. A kid with short black hair and a brown leather jacket walks in with Ryan and a random girl in chains behind him. Next to the kid  stands Paris. Paris. What the...? The kid walks up to me and waves his hand. All of the people in the building fly away with the building on a gust of wind. There is nothing but a field of grass and all of us.
"My name is Aidan Mcdonald, The girl behind me is my prisoner, Annabelle . I have heard of your power and come to this continent to conquer it. Do you really think you can beat me?"
"Of course I do."I say
With those words he throws a knife from his sleeve into Ryan's chest. Paris coughs next to him. The girl Annabelle starts to cry and leans as much as she can toward him and touches him. My face turns red with anger. Next to me, Sean lights two balls of fire in his hands and creates himself a fire being. He throws a fireball at Aidan but he pushes it away with his air power. Paris interlaces her hands with his and together they create a huge ball of energy which is thrown at Sean. Sean is thrown back 100 feet and lies still on the ground. What happened to Paris? I turn myself into a light being and summon shadow balls. This is my first time doing this. I better be careful. I throw the shadow balls and disappear. I am invisible. He turns his head everywhere but can't find me. I summon an energy beam and get ready to throw it. 1..2...3 I unleash my battle cry and throw it. He is sent back about a hundred feet and lies still on the ground. There is still Paris. This battle isn't over.