Friday, March 15, 2013

chapter 10

Now i have free time! Now i can reveal to Paris the info i know! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Okay, i have i plan. I'm going to tell her at a coffee shop and be like WHaaaaaaaaaat? Girl, what you doin' dis for? That is my plan, for now. I'll text her right now:

Hi Paris!
What's up?
The sky, the clouds, the solar system, the galaxy, the Virgo super cluster, and the universe!
Okay? How are you?
I'm good. Do you want to get some coffee with me at Mee's ?
Sure, i'll be right there!

At the coffee shop:
I walk through the door to find Paris has already ordered a latte with 3 scoops of whipped cream. The girl asks me what i want and i say: latte with extra sugar and 17 cups of whipped cream please. She replies: Okay?
I really have that effect on people,  don't I? I sit down where she is and we talk about Sean and Ryan for an hour. Then she shifts to how we are going to kill the king. This is when it all happens:

"Hey Paris, have you checked who you've sent your text to lately?"
"No, why?"
"Oh i don't know, maybe you sent me a teXT WHERE YOU EXPLAIN  YOU ARE ON THE DARK SIDE?"
She looks down at her feet and says: "I didn't think you would find out that i can't quit and that i have to kill you. I wasn't anyway, i already explained that in the text. I'm sorry i didn't tell you."
"It's okay. I'll still be on the lookout though. Come one, we ought to get of here. I grab her hand and pull her out. "I'm really sorry, for bringing you here and yelling at you, here's a gift. I hand her a knife made of shadow. She thanks me and leaves.

Even though she said she's clean, i still have to watch my back.

I can't afford to lose my guard

If i do, My life is over

The dark side is looking to hunt me down

Killing Paris will only be my last resort

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