Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book 2

Iv'e been in the hospital for 10 years now, getting a shadow knife out of stomach. It won't seem to come out. Sean comes by every week to check on me and Ryan checks every month. You may be wondering where Paris is. She kind of fell off the face of the earth. No one can find her. As for Aidan and C.C., they ran of to some country and had two children whom they named A.C. and C.A.  I haven't stood in 10 years. All of my friends will transport to A new world with me so, i will have my one and only child born of light finish my story. Finish what i never go to do.

Here are the names of the children:
Sean's: Gibson and Sky
Ryan: Jack
Paris: Paris and London
Aidan and C.C.: A.C., C.A.

Here the real story starts.

Hey guys! I'm Han. I'm kind of in a grumpy mood because my dad just died. I *sniff* can't*sniff*