Wednesday, March 13, 2013

chapter 7

and shoots at me. I turn into a light being but it still hits me. I go flying and hit a rock. I get up and turn into a shadow being. "No, time for you to die!" I pull a sword made of shadow and light out of the air and swing it. It hits him in the face and he goes flying. I throw a light knife at him but he disappears. I transport to him but he does not show up on the earth scale. "Dang him!" I yell. The girl that was with Aidan grabs Aidan's hand and drags him over to where we are. "The name's C.C. I am the fifth strongest in the world."She says. Next to her Aidan says "I am the third. Paris is second, and you are the first. The guy you just saw is the 0th. He is the creator of the elements and you overpower him by one."
"Then why am i 1, not 0?'
"Because he can change his power level to 2 more than yours. He is a king anyway."
"Why does he want to kill me then?"
"Because sometimes you overpower him. He wants you dead."
They walk away and transport to someplace. Paris comes up to me and says 2 words. "I'm sorry." Then she hugs me. She did try to kill me.

This world is about to get some really powerful destruction. I mean really, powerful destruction.

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