Friday, March 29, 2013

Book 2 chapter 1

I create a ball of energy and point it at Gibson with A.C. at my side. It releases from my hand and goes into his face which knocks him back 20 feet. He summons a black hole in his hand and throws it at A.C. A.C. enters it and expands it like a balloon.  He ties the end of it and throws it at Gibson. Sky comes out of nowhere and punches A.C. in the face.  Sh lands on top of him and she kicks him in the face. Meanwhile, Gibson takes out a sword made of fire and gets ready to attack. I pull out my dad's legendary shadow sword and get ready. Who do you think will win?

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book 2

Iv'e been in the hospital for 10 years now, getting a shadow knife out of stomach. It won't seem to come out. Sean comes by every week to check on me and Ryan checks every month. You may be wondering where Paris is. She kind of fell off the face of the earth. No one can find her. As for Aidan and C.C., they ran of to some country and had two children whom they named A.C. and C.A.  I haven't stood in 10 years. All of my friends will transport to A new world with me so, i will have my one and only child born of light finish my story. Finish what i never go to do.

Here are the names of the children:
Sean's: Gibson and Sky
Ryan: Jack
Paris: Paris and London
Aidan and C.C.: A.C., C.A.

Here the real story starts.

Hey guys! I'm Han. I'm kind of in a grumpy mood because my dad just died. I *sniff* can't*sniff*

Friday, March 22, 2013

Chapter 14


I open the door to find Paris in my room with a half eaten cookie on my bed. She hold a shadow knife in her
hand. She looks like she is about to commit suicide. She looks at Aidan and C.C. with crying eyes. Sean lies on the floor with blood clotting his shirt. I create a ball of energy in my hand and explode the door. Paris looks up and throws the shadow knife at me. It hits my chest and black out.  I wake in a field with Paris at my side with Sean lying next to me. "Good Bye." I get up and fly into the sky and disappear. Aidan jumps up with me and throws a sword of air. This is the end of me. I die. I failed.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chapter 13: Paris

OMG. Whoa, that was scary. Never in my life, has Han yelled at me. I may be on the dark side but.... I have to say, he did plan that out well. I don't really have the guts to kill him.  Or do I? It depends. Here is our text conversation. I start.

Hi Han
I hate you
I know
You're still my friend though
What's up
The sky
Too old
I love you

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chapter 12

Hi guys! It's Han. You guys are probably wonder what i gave Paris. I gave Paris a device that makes a person fly. It's called an element add-on. Obviously.

It's been two days since Sean killed C.C.'s clone. Oh, yeah, he killed a clone, not C.C. We found out that she has 4 more. It's Saturday! I can't think right now. I'll talk later, BYE!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Chapter 11


Hi guys! It's me, Sean. So i had to protect my city from C.C. That was really easy! Let me tell it to you:
I look at C.C. through my telescope to see that she has a sniper made of dirt pointed at me. I create a fire shield and deflect the bullet. It ricochets and almost hits her when she turns into dirt.The bullet passes straight through her, leaving no wound. Time to take this to the next level. I create a fire ball in my hand and push it underground. The whole world explodes. The fire pushes our piece of land into space, rocketing at 7,000,000,000,000,000 miles per hour! She becomes so hot that she burst into flames. Then the next moment we are both grabbing for air but don't have any. I pull us back to earth and she falls on my stomach. She pushes herself off and gets a fresh breath of air. I transport to the top of a skyscraper with only a little energy left. She looks around to find me but she can't. I jump off and create a fire dagger. I keep falling for what feels like forever. There she is, only a few feet away. I hold up the knife. I throw it at her and it lands straight in her back. She vaporizes only leaving her clothes and a jewel. The jewel of x 700% power. I have to get this to Han!

chapter 10

Now i have free time! Now i can reveal to Paris the info i know! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Okay, i have i plan. I'm going to tell her at a coffee shop and be like WHaaaaaaaaaat? Girl, what you doin' dis for? That is my plan, for now. I'll text her right now:

Hi Paris!
What's up?
The sky, the clouds, the solar system, the galaxy, the Virgo super cluster, and the universe!
Okay? How are you?
I'm good. Do you want to get some coffee with me at Mee's ?
Sure, i'll be right there!

At the coffee shop:
I walk through the door to find Paris has already ordered a latte with 3 scoops of whipped cream. The girl asks me what i want and i say: latte with extra sugar and 17 cups of whipped cream please. She replies: Okay?
I really have that effect on people,  don't I? I sit down where she is and we talk about Sean and Ryan for an hour. Then she shifts to how we are going to kill the king. This is when it all happens:

"Hey Paris, have you checked who you've sent your text to lately?"
"No, why?"
"Oh i don't know, maybe you sent me a teXT WHERE YOU EXPLAIN  YOU ARE ON THE DARK SIDE?"
She looks down at her feet and says: "I didn't think you would find out that i can't quit and that i have to kill you. I wasn't anyway, i already explained that in the text. I'm sorry i didn't tell you."
"It's okay. I'll still be on the lookout though. Come one, we ought to get of here. I grab her hand and pull her out. "I'm really sorry, for bringing you here and yelling at you, here's a gift. I hand her a knife made of shadow. She thanks me and leaves.

Even though she said she's clean, i still have to watch my back.

I can't afford to lose my guard

If i do, My life is over

The dark side is looking to hunt me down

Killing Paris will only be my last resort

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

chapter 9 pg 2

The talk with Paris will have to wait, for now, let's open the present. I sit on the side of the bed and slowly open the paper to find that he bought me a Magic Tablet. It's made of all glass and there is no button and is voice activated. He got me this for a reason. Underneath the box there is a note from Paris that says Happy Birthday!  Someone remembered. Today is the day where i choose my 2nd element. That's right, ill have 3 elements! :-)

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chapter 9

I walk from the field back to my apartment that i used to share with Sean. i throw his stuff out the window but he enters the room. "What are you doing? I just denied being creator. The only reason i did that was because i have to protect my hometown from C.C. You should protect the rest of the world from Aidan and that king dude."
"Sorry, I didn't know."
"I have to leave right now, i probably wont see you for a while but, here's a present."
He hands me a present about ans big as a laptop and closes the door behind him. I continue to throw his stuff out, but only because he needs to get it. I guess i live alone. At least Paris doesn't have to leave. Beep! Beep!


Um, hey C.C. I need your help. I have to tell Han some things but how? First things first, he doesn't know that i work for king Arcane, and second,  he doesn't know that Aidan is stalking him. What am i supposed to do? He'll kill me if i told him! My job is to kill him, i can't kill my best of best friend's. He's the one that made me popular. He risked his popularness for me to be popular. He's the only reason i have friends! I can't kill him! Oh, by the way, if you tell king Arcane, I will hunt you down and kill you.


Looks like you sent it to the wrong person Paris. It's time to have a little chat with someone.

Chapter 8

3 days later
I have finally rested and am ready to return to training. The bad things: Ryan has to leave to protect his home city, Sean has to fight to the death to get out of Heatroso, and i have an evil king stalking me.

Am is supposed to be happy? Beep Beep! Sorry, I just got a text from Sean that he has to fight the creator. That means if he wins, Sean will be the creator. Here's the text from Paris i just got:

He's going to do what?! Wth! And you're letting him do that?  Why?

Off to the battlefield we go!

At the battlefield:

Sean throws a fireball at the creator but he wipes it away with some smoke. The creator creates an energy ball and throw's it at Sean. Sean turns into a fire being and dodges. Sean makes himself 15 feet tall and throws a fireball at the creator. The creator burns so badly he dies. I look at Sean in a way Iv'e never seen a person before. I look at him like he's going to become a rich filthy brat and completely forget about me. But i already know he will be one. Why did i let him do this? Paris was right. Iv'e just lost my best friend. Way to go Han, way to go.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ball of energy

The element of shadow

chapter 7

and shoots at me. I turn into a light being but it still hits me. I go flying and hit a rock. I get up and turn into a shadow being. "No, time for you to die!" I pull a sword made of shadow and light out of the air and swing it. It hits him in the face and he goes flying. I throw a light knife at him but he disappears. I transport to him but he does not show up on the earth scale. "Dang him!" I yell. The girl that was with Aidan grabs Aidan's hand and drags him over to where we are. "The name's C.C. I am the fifth strongest in the world."She says. Next to her Aidan says "I am the third. Paris is second, and you are the first. The guy you just saw is the 0th. He is the creator of the elements and you overpower him by one."
"Then why am i 1, not 0?'
"Because he can change his power level to 2 more than yours. He is a king anyway."
"Why does he want to kill me then?"
"Because sometimes you overpower him. He wants you dead."
They walk away and transport to someplace. Paris comes up to me and says 2 words. "I'm sorry." Then she hugs me. She did try to kill me.

This world is about to get some really powerful destruction. I mean really, powerful destruction.

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chapter 6

Paris runs over to Sean and drags him to a hospital. I hear a large boom and there next to Aidan is girl with long brown hair with a knife in her hand. She kneels down and hits him with her palm. He pops right up and moans  and then stands right up. He creates a ball of air in his hand and flings it at me. I dodge and throw a ball back. out of nowhere a stream of red energy comes across that girl and Aidan. They both fall onto the ground and a glass ball comes over their head and shatters. They explain to me about a king who wants to kill me. Just then a black shadow is at my feet. I look up to see a man with king's clothes on. "I am the creator of the elements. You overpower me. You will die right here and right now." I turn into a light being and transport 15 feet away. "It's time for you to die." He holds up his hands....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chapter 5

What am i supposed to do? I can't hurt Paris. She's my best friend of my best friend's. But she---- doesn't know me anymore. I mean, she knows who i am, but she is no longer my friend. I have to do this. I summon a energy beam at the same time she does. We pull back and the beam goes. They clash and it is an equal match. I disappear and throw a shadow ball at her. She throws a wave of water at it. The ball goes flying and hits the already dead Ryan. He awakens and Paris falls to the floor. A purple circle appears on the top of her head and shatters. "Where am I?"
She starts to explain what happened but i shut her up by yelling our friends are hurt.

We have to help them.

chapter 4

The door of the building breaks down. A kid with short black hair and a brown leather jacket walks in with Ryan and a random girl in chains behind him. Next to the kid  stands Paris. Paris. What the...? The kid walks up to me and waves his hand. All of the people in the building fly away with the building on a gust of wind. There is nothing but a field of grass and all of us.
"My name is Aidan Mcdonald, The girl behind me is my prisoner, Annabelle . I have heard of your power and come to this continent to conquer it. Do you really think you can beat me?"
"Of course I do."I say
With those words he throws a knife from his sleeve into Ryan's chest. Paris coughs next to him. The girl Annabelle starts to cry and leans as much as she can toward him and touches him. My face turns red with anger. Next to me, Sean lights two balls of fire in his hands and creates himself a fire being. He throws a fireball at Aidan but he pushes it away with his air power. Paris interlaces her hands with his and together they create a huge ball of energy which is thrown at Sean. Sean is thrown back 100 feet and lies still on the ground. What happened to Paris? I turn myself into a light being and summon shadow balls. This is my first time doing this. I better be careful. I throw the shadow balls and disappear. I am invisible. He turns his head everywhere but can't find me. I summon an energy beam and get ready to throw it. 1..2...3 I unleash my battle cry and throw it. He is sent back about a hundred feet and lies still on the ground. There is still Paris. This battle isn't over.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Chapter 3

You may be wondering how  light is the strongest element and no one picks it. That's because it only appears to people who contain enough power.

"Only one month!"
"But But But But...."
"Shut up, now lets get to work. Hold up your hand and hit me with your energy beam."
"Just hold your hand up like in movies."
I hold my hand a beam of energy comes out. The guy is thrown away and stands up with his face covered in blood. He stares with with disbelief and sits down.
"Your training is complete, leave now. But beware, you are now the strongest being, you even overpower your friend Sean. Keep in mind he is the second strongest in the world. You even overpower me. Now go and train." I leave with a strange feeling in my gut, like i now have to take responsibility of the world.

After about an hour of training, i walk over to Sean and tell him what happened. He looks at me.
"We're the strongest in the world? That can't be right."
"It's true."
"How long is your training?"
"One more hour."

We are both now the strongest. This is our world. I have a feeling we will have great battles and saves of the world.

Let the adventure begin.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

chapter 2

So we are off to different country's to train. Fortunately, Sean comes with me to Heatroso. Light creates heat, and fire creates heat. Lightning creates heat but, it creates energy most importantly. So Ryan and Paris had to go to different country's. At least I still have my best friend.

We are escorted by a few soldiers to our room. Sean picks up his stuff of the floor and flings it on his bed. "Time to learn magic." He says. I nod and we wait in silence for an hour until a man comes in and escorts us to the training center.

We walk in and there is about 15 people. "Fifteen people for a square mile dome?" Sean asks
"Why so big?"
"People here have the power to burn the earth, they need space."

He walks Sean into the middle of the room  and a invisible hand touches my shoulder and walks me to a room with 3 padlocks and a laser security system. "It will take you 1 month to learn and master. Your training starts here."

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chapter 1

I'm tired and I'm grumpy when i'm tired. 

Sorry guys, some guy called me like and an hour ago and said it's time for me to choose my element. Here's what he really said: " Get up you stupid little lazy boy slob! Get Up! It's time TO CHOSE YOUR ELEMENT!" Beep. He hung up on me me. So today I have to chose my element. I would list them out for you, but there's 280.  I get dressed and walk out the door to find myself in the Swiss alps. Every day the creators of the country get to make the suggestion of an element. Today's I'm guessing is snow mountains. That's way too big of an element, i mean snow is. I want something small, something that no one will pick.

 I walk to the creators castle and stop. A creator is kind of like the king. he created the element that represents our country. Country's are really small here, they're like cities.  I step through a door and a snowball comes flying at my face. Snow is the element that represents my country Snowcanda. :-) 
I wipe my face off and keep going. The creator taps my shoulder and grabs my shirt. "Can't you go any faster?" He asks. I run to the thrown and stand against the wall.

I'm only 12 years old, so don't think i'm a wimp. I'm still a kid. In about 5 minutes by best friend Paris, Sean, and Ryan come. They stand next to me but don't talk. They're scared too. 

I am the last person to chose my element. I tell the guy that i want the least used element. He says light which combines with shadow into one. He tells me that not a single person except the creator has chose it.
 "Ill take it." I say firmly.  He puts a necklace around my neck and I transport away. 

I sit in a grass field where there is no one else. About 2 seconds later Paris drops right out of the sky and her knee hits my stomach.  

Thankfully, I don't get hit by the others. After a while of searching we find enough wood, leaves, and branches to make 4 shelters, 3 fires, and 4 staffs for all of us. We light the fire and talk about stuff and make jokes. It's pretty fun.

After an hour, I finally ask what element everyone got and they all go silent. 

Here are the results.

Paris: Water(all of it! That takes at least a year of training to just complete. She still would have 2 more years after that!)

Ryan: Thunder(wont take that long to learn or master. Very easy but strong. Only about 8 months for everything.)

Sean: Fire balls(Harder to learn than master, with his key smartness being in fire, why not choose what he makes all the time in class. Only 10 months.)

Me:Light/Shadow(Takes 3 years to learn, 8 months to master. One of the strongest elements ever.)

As I tell them about my element, they stare at me with such interest, it's hard for me to concentrate. I think they know ill become the strongest being in the world. 

PG 2

You may be wondering how we know all this stuff. In order to live in this world, you must graduate through 5 science courses all with an A of any kind. The others are sent to another planet where they go through regular human life. BORING!  So, you can ask us any equation and we will answer in about 2 seconds. The whole point of the course thing is because we have to blend the science and the magic together to use it. That's why. 

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Front cover

Back of the book

Hi guys! You may know from my YouTube, Google plus, and blogger account that i like to get my stuff so people can see/hear it. This time, I'm going to write every 2 days a part of a story called the elementalists.  This book is about me and a group of friends who have magical power along with the rest of the world. People fight and gain power just like alot of other games, shows, movies, and book's. This is a little bit different. The people here must get a proficient knowledge of science(chemistry, physics, biology, etc.). They use the properties of science and magic to preform their elemental magic. The next post will be the beginning. Check out my YouTube channel  too. :-)