Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chapter 8

3 days later
I have finally rested and am ready to return to training. The bad things: Ryan has to leave to protect his home city, Sean has to fight to the death to get out of Heatroso, and i have an evil king stalking me.

Am is supposed to be happy? Beep Beep! Sorry, I just got a text from Sean that he has to fight the creator. That means if he wins, Sean will be the creator. Here's the text from Paris i just got:

He's going to do what?! Wth! And you're letting him do that?  Why?

Off to the battlefield we go!

At the battlefield:

Sean throws a fireball at the creator but he wipes it away with some smoke. The creator creates an energy ball and throw's it at Sean. Sean turns into a fire being and dodges. Sean makes himself 15 feet tall and throws a fireball at the creator. The creator burns so badly he dies. I look at Sean in a way Iv'e never seen a person before. I look at him like he's going to become a rich filthy brat and completely forget about me. But i already know he will be one. Why did i let him do this? Paris was right. Iv'e just lost my best friend. Way to go Han, way to go.