Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chapter 1

I'm tired and I'm grumpy when i'm tired. 

Sorry guys, some guy called me like and an hour ago and said it's time for me to choose my element. Here's what he really said: " Get up you stupid little lazy boy slob! Get Up! It's time TO CHOSE YOUR ELEMENT!" Beep. He hung up on me me. So today I have to chose my element. I would list them out for you, but there's 280.  I get dressed and walk out the door to find myself in the Swiss alps. Every day the creators of the country get to make the suggestion of an element. Today's I'm guessing is snow mountains. That's way too big of an element, i mean snow is. I want something small, something that no one will pick.

 I walk to the creators castle and stop. A creator is kind of like the king. he created the element that represents our country. Country's are really small here, they're like cities.  I step through a door and a snowball comes flying at my face. Snow is the element that represents my country Snowcanda. :-) 
I wipe my face off and keep going. The creator taps my shoulder and grabs my shirt. "Can't you go any faster?" He asks. I run to the thrown and stand against the wall.

I'm only 12 years old, so don't think i'm a wimp. I'm still a kid. In about 5 minutes by best friend Paris, Sean, and Ryan come. They stand next to me but don't talk. They're scared too. 

I am the last person to chose my element. I tell the guy that i want the least used element. He says light which combines with shadow into one. He tells me that not a single person except the creator has chose it.
 "Ill take it." I say firmly.  He puts a necklace around my neck and I transport away. 

I sit in a grass field where there is no one else. About 2 seconds later Paris drops right out of the sky and her knee hits my stomach.  

Thankfully, I don't get hit by the others. After a while of searching we find enough wood, leaves, and branches to make 4 shelters, 3 fires, and 4 staffs for all of us. We light the fire and talk about stuff and make jokes. It's pretty fun.

After an hour, I finally ask what element everyone got and they all go silent. 

Here are the results.

Paris: Water(all of it! That takes at least a year of training to just complete. She still would have 2 more years after that!)

Ryan: Thunder(wont take that long to learn or master. Very easy but strong. Only about 8 months for everything.)

Sean: Fire balls(Harder to learn than master, with his key smartness being in fire, why not choose what he makes all the time in class. Only 10 months.)

Me:Light/Shadow(Takes 3 years to learn, 8 months to master. One of the strongest elements ever.)

As I tell them about my element, they stare at me with such interest, it's hard for me to concentrate. I think they know ill become the strongest being in the world. 

PG 2

You may be wondering how we know all this stuff. In order to live in this world, you must graduate through 5 science courses all with an A of any kind. The others are sent to another planet where they go through regular human life. BORING!  So, you can ask us any equation and we will answer in about 2 seconds. The whole point of the course thing is because we have to blend the science and the magic together to use it. That's why. 

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