The animal that killed the king

"The animal"

I look through the window of my cabin and see the great kings castle. Bigger than 700 mansions. Thats why i live to kill him. I was made to destroy him and take out his heart. To take out his heart and throw it into a fire and let the fire burn forever. I am the human who they call the animal. The person who they fear and think about in their dreams. But I wouldn't hurt them, I would only hurt the king. 
It is time for me to leave my home and get to the castle. Goodbye, sweet home.


I look out the window of my fathers castle. The only thing i can think about when the animal comes. The news has been delivered to my dad about 100 times. But no one has volunteered to try to stop the animal. Why? If I had the power to kill the animal, it would have been completed years ago! I know how to do this, i can do this. I will beat the animal.

The animal

I take my first step outside. I can sense that behind my house, there about 9 mage hunters along with 6 manticores. Manticores are humans that have armour. The mage hunters wave their staffs and shoot a ball at me. They don't think I know they are there. They think they can just kill me? Not so fast. I run at about 300 miles per hour behind them and slash my ultimate claws at them. The claws emit a powerful energy beam killing them all. Not bad i say to myself. Next target, the king. And only 300,000 miles to go.


My father agrees to me having combat training so i can hunt the killer. First, i need to choose what class to be in. Either Mage, Assassin, Manticore, or a night whisperer. There is only one known night whisperer. its the animal. He moves at high speeds when in combat and uses claws and energy moves.
That is the one i choose.

Of course, if i'm going to fight the animal, them i'm fighting fire with fire. ts my safest decision