Monday, March 11, 2013

Chapter 3

You may be wondering how  light is the strongest element and no one picks it. That's because it only appears to people who contain enough power.

"Only one month!"
"But But But But...."
"Shut up, now lets get to work. Hold up your hand and hit me with your energy beam."
"Just hold your hand up like in movies."
I hold my hand a beam of energy comes out. The guy is thrown away and stands up with his face covered in blood. He stares with with disbelief and sits down.
"Your training is complete, leave now. But beware, you are now the strongest being, you even overpower your friend Sean. Keep in mind he is the second strongest in the world. You even overpower me. Now go and train." I leave with a strange feeling in my gut, like i now have to take responsibility of the world.

After about an hour of training, i walk over to Sean and tell him what happened. He looks at me.
"We're the strongest in the world? That can't be right."
"It's true."
"How long is your training?"
"One more hour."

We are both now the strongest. This is our world. I have a feeling we will have great battles and saves of the world.

Let the adventure begin.

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