Sunday, March 10, 2013

chapter 2

So we are off to different country's to train. Fortunately, Sean comes with me to Heatroso. Light creates heat, and fire creates heat. Lightning creates heat but, it creates energy most importantly. So Ryan and Paris had to go to different country's. At least I still have my best friend.

We are escorted by a few soldiers to our room. Sean picks up his stuff of the floor and flings it on his bed. "Time to learn magic." He says. I nod and we wait in silence for an hour until a man comes in and escorts us to the training center.

We walk in and there is about 15 people. "Fifteen people for a square mile dome?" Sean asks
"Why so big?"
"People here have the power to burn the earth, they need space."

He walks Sean into the middle of the room  and a invisible hand touches my shoulder and walks me to a room with 3 padlocks and a laser security system. "It will take you 1 month to learn and master. Your training starts here."

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