Tuesday, February 4, 2014


"Whoah!" Carl shout wispers "It has four heads!"
The zombie slowly walks through the hall that we are hiding in. We look down at its bare green slimy feet. Except there arent two, there are eight! Oldi grabs his bow and gets and arrow ready. A.j. grabs his crossbow and points it at the zombie. "On three" he wispers
The red arrows fly across the hall and nail the zombie in its heart and neck. The zombie stumbles then falls to the floor. Its green heads have just eyes which are slits that have a yelow eye inside.
"How did it get that many heads and legs?" I ask
Carl shrugs and goes to pick up the arrows  that were used to kill the zombie.
"We need to get to a safer place. This hospital wont keep us alive for much longer. There are way too many zombies here."
Oldi and A.j. both nods their head. Im the only one that disagrees.
"How do we know whats out there? There could be twice as many zombies out there!" I say with anger
Then i remember what happened to me. It was the car accident. Blurry images come to my head but i can faintly make out me coming into the hospital. There was a young man about 27 and he was sent to the safe room because if emergency lockdown.
"There is still a group of survivors in this building. The doctor and a man who was able to get into the saferoom. We need to find them. They can help us."
"Where is this saferoom?" Oldi asks
"I think its on this floor." I say
I look at Carl for approval and he says "Okay. Lets look for them."
And we were gone to find the two men.