Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chapter 6: Finding The Doctor

The halls of the hospital is probably the creepiest place to be during a zombie apocalypse. There is water dripping from the ceiling and pill bottles lying on the ground.So far we've only covered the 3rd floor of the hospital. The stairways have double locked entrances, so we need to clear the floor to find the keys. Our hands are occupied with bows and crossbows. My brother Nick looks scared out of his mind, holding a crossbow and looking in all direction. Carl points in the direction that the slashing noise we heard before is coming from. We run with our blue sneakers tapping the floor.
"The doctor is fighting in there. We have to get in and kill the zombies hes trying to fight." A.j. says
"Let's go." Oldi says
We run and get to the door that is the saferoom. We open the door and get ready to shoot. There is a zombie like the ones before it. Green skin with yellow eyes inside slits with green teeth in their mouth. Nick shoots the zombie straight in its heart.
"We're here to help. Calm down. Come with us." Carl says to the doctor.
I lead the group back to the 'camp' we made. We set him down then Carl starts to check for bites. None. He nods in my direction for me to talk to him.
"Hi" I say
"Hi, but um WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" he shouts
"Look, quiet down you will attract the zombies."
"Yeah, thats whats going on. Zombie apocalypse."
His eyes widen in fear.
"What about outside of the hospital?"
"I dont know, neither do these guys. I was your patient, remember?"
"Oh, yeah. I remember you. Alex, right?"
"Yeah, now listen, im going to give you some clothes and some weapons and you will join us. Or, you can continue to live here and become a zombie. You chose. Will you fight with us?"
"Yes, i promise."
I smile at him and get him some food, clothes, and weapons.
"Now, can you tell us where the key to get downstairs is?"
"Right here." He says
He pulls out the keys and smiles. Its time to get out of here!