Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Oldi grabs his crossbow and keeps himslef on guard. A.j. grabs his axe that he has in his pack and holds it in attack position. About 20 seconds ago we had heard a loud groan. Followed by a mans voice yelling help.
"Help me!"
We turn around and see the man that was in the bed next to me. The man next to me on that bed was my brother. He has black hair and brown eyes. He has well built arms and legs. I hug him and get him into some clothes.
"I was trying to fnd you. I looked around the hospital but those things kept following me."
"You're here with us now."
I gave him a plain bright red shirt and black sweatpants.
"Nick, do you remember the doctor surviving?"
"Yes. He left with me but we eventually decided to split ways to find saftey."
"Is he on this floor?"
"Yeah, i think i heard him yell help before."
I turn to Carl and he nods. We were off to look for the doctor