Monday, February 24, 2014


The swarms run up the stairs and there is no way to stop them. They run so fast up the stairs that they come rushing through the door. I jump as fast as i can to get out of the way of the zombies but im just too late to protect Oldi. He turned right in front of us, a sprinter. He banged against the glass door we are using for protection. We are in a glass room with a glass door. The whole entire glass room is surrounded by walkers and sprinters. I look around and try to find my friends. Carl is pulling out a machine gun from his back pack and A.j. is bawling on the floor. Then i wonder where my brother is. I turn around and look at the zombies looking through the glass. He is one of them! I gasp and my heart starts pounding. I can hear it over the sound of A.j.s cries and the zombies moans. Ive lost my brother. My one and only  brother.

We have waited for about an hour and 75% of the zombies have left. There are only about 15 zombies left. A.j. still lies on the floor crying while Carl sits in silence. I sit in gloom as i think about my brother pressed against the glass of the room.I miss him.