Wednesday, January 29, 2014

new zombie story

This story starts off as a guy named alex wakes up in a hospital in the middle of the zombie Apocalypse and a group of men find him.

  The men are ready to leave and so am I. There are zombies everywhere. The leader of the survival group tells me his name is Carl. The other two men are Oldi, the black man, and Aj. Aj tells me he is only 14. That is very young. Carl hands me a knife and a silenced gun, a package of ammo, and a boomerang. Oldi hands me another knife. We walk down the halls of the hospital to make sure there are no zombies. We grab hand sanitizer from the hospital closets in order to start a fire . It is small, but it is enough for  pot of noodles. We are all able to have noodles and eventually are full. I finally get to talk to Carl about whats going on out there.
Carl, whats  happening
they are like zombies except they run as fast as usaine bolt
and like the myth if i get bit?
you turn into one. we lost our first guy because of it.    
thanks for saving me, i needed to get saved
oh yes you f*****g did.
Ha ha
He smiles and turns to sleep. I turn to Oldi and ask if i could ask him something
sure whats up?
can you tell me about the guy you lost?
yeah, he was my twin brother
oh my god im so sorry
its fine
well im sorry for giving you bad memories. good night
good night
Aj of course is sleeping. so i decided to wake up Carl so he could take watch