Thursday, January 30, 2014


There are no more zombies  in the hospital. Carl made sure of that. The fire has burned the whole night. Oldi tells me that fire attracts the walkers but Carl tells me that they will come anyway.
"Might as well be warm right?"
Carl rises from his green sleeping bag and walks over to the emergency medicine closet. The closet is a long shelf that is filled with at least 100 white bottles of prescription meds. Carl grabs at least 10 bottles and puts them in his orange and black backpack.
"We need to get out of here. The top floor is stuffed with walkers and crawlers."
"Crawlers?" I ask
"Theyre walkers except they crawl. Oldi, wake A.j. He needs to wake up to gather his stuff."
Oldi walks over and pushes A.j.
"A.J., wake up"
His eyes flutter open.
"Oh crap, i thought you were a crawler."
Then I feel a hand on my back.
"Alex behind you!!!"
I turn and swipe at what is a walker. A blood splatter squirts all over my face. Carl grabs a white cloth from his pocket and wipes the blood from my face.