Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OMG Im stopping the elementalists for a daily blog! V-logs will come soon

Let me explain:
My friends are starting to get bored that they are always dying and i am winning. So, im starting a daily blog.

Sean!!!!!! This tribute is for you!
Love the game!

I chose the guy with the trident
I'm giving this picture to my bestie Sean who will be moving soon.  We will miss you Sean!

Soon I will do a daily V-log for a while, then switch back to this. The V-logs will be like Tobuscus'

Mini Minotaur Tiny Mini Minotaur 

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Today all we had was math homework. I got the enrichment!


Sean, Aidan, Ryan and the others go to our school! I hope you know that now.

Did you know that the average family throws out 20 pounds of food a month. That could feed alot of kids that don't have enough food.   Go Flying Kites!

You guys are awesome!

Please love cold-play please! They are awesome!