Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A game of the elements

Today ill be documenting a game of the elements

I get the first turn. I have 4 obsidian pillars, 1 aether pillar, and one pillar. I put them all out. That should provide enough quanta

My turn. Now i put out a quantum pillar. 3 kinds of different quanta every turn.
Then, i put out my useless Devourer

My opponent uses spark, and destroys it.

My HP is now 96

No creatures on the field yet. I throw out a quantum pillar.
I get steal!

I wont use it yet.
I get an amethyst pillar next. 
Now, there is my opponents fallen elf on the field which can mutate itsel.
I get a dagger and place it

93 HP left. He has 97 Hp left.
I put out an amethyst pillar.

Now, i use drain life on the opponents psion he just put out. BI BI

I only have 84 HP left

I pull a dusk mantle shield for safety

I just got a parasite! Out it goes.
Only 66 HP left.
I send out another parasite.

I kill his dragon but he sends out another mutant.

I send out an immortal with a infinity vision with 20/20
I draiiin his life.

He has 46HP left
I send out a Hermamite golem which mutates into an abomination.

I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!