Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yolo is pointless

Yolo makes sense, but, its not something you should use in a sentence. For example, someone is about to dive off a board into a pool and they are scared. This is also the last time they could ever do it. You  would say yolo to this. You only live once. But which one is more encouraging, you can do it, yolo. Or, you can do it, this might happen only once. I say the second, but a lot of people are on the other side.

Yolo is most used for an excuse.

For example:

Mom, i just robbed the bank down the street

Why would you do that?


Yolo is not an excuse for stupid things.

But, after interviewing people on how they think about yolo, the results came to a draw.

So it just depends on what kind of situation you are in.

Use  yolo as much as you want, i'm not trying to persuade you.